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5 ways to boost your self-confidence

by | Sep 7, 2016 | English Blog, Featured English, Latest English

The truth about self-confidence

To be self-confident means that you are secure in yourself and your abilities.

Most of the time, we know that we are worth it and that we can achieve what we want. However, when we are faced with some circumstances, we let ourselves doubt that. We believe that we are not good enough and convince ourselves that it isn’t for us. And that feeling is not an easy one to forget. It sticks with us and we end up believing it.

Confidence comes from our thoughts. We often tend to think that our confidence will boost if we change our image or even our wallet. But is that really true? Do you believe you would be more confident if you were a millionaire?

The answer is no.

Today, I want to share with you a few strategies that will boost your self-confidence on a daily basis. I am not telling you that it is going to be easy or that you will become a very confident person in one day, but these tips will help you become more confident on a daily basis.

5 ways that will help you boost your confidence:

  1. Mindfulness

Practicing 10 minutes of mindfulness a day will help you boost your confidence. Research is showing how much beneficial practicing mindfulness can be for improving mental health and positive thoughts. This will help you slowly reduce negative thoughts and boost your self confidence.

  1. Identify negative thoughts.

Like I mentioned before, confidence comes from our thoughts. By identifying your negative thoughts and understanding where they come from, you will be able to transform them into more positively thoughts. The more you think positive about yourself and your entourage, the more you will boost your self-confidence!

  1. I am confident.

In my first coaching class, I learnt this amazing visualization exercise that will help you boost your confidence. You only need to close your eyes and imagine how you would be if you were more confident. How would you interact with others? How is your life? What is different now that you are confident? Imagine the kind of person that you would be. Take this exercise every time you need a quick boost of your confidence!

  1. Exercise

Exercise is a great way to boost your confidence! It has many benefits for your mental health and a lot of studies that exercise improves self-esteem. It’s a great stress reliever and makes people happier!

  1. Get out of your comfort zone

This is probably the hardest one, but believe me, you will surprise yourself with what you can do if you push yourself just a little bit more! Believe in yourself, I do!


These 5 strategies will help you boost your confidence, I am sure.

As a Coach, I am excited that you are taking time to learn about self-confidence. That shows me that you are aware of your feelings and want to improve.Coaching Is also a great way to work self-confidence. It will help you focus on your goals and make specific changes in order to achieve them. Start investing in you! You deserve it!

Boost your self confidence

In order to help you even more, I created a small workbook for you! In this workbook, you will find a few exercises that will help you be more confident. Self-love is a big part of confidence and it is very important to work on it every single day. Download your free workbook now and start working on yourself! There is nothing more important that investing in you!

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  1. Great tips and I plan on incorporating the visualization of the person I would be if I were more confident!

  2. I love these tips, and it’s amazing how much mindfulness really does help when it comes to self-confidence. The days I meditate are my most confident days.

    I also am working on cutting out the negative thoughts and going down the rabbit hole of worst-case-scenarios. If I’m going to make up these scenarios in my head, I may as well make them good ones!

  3. As I’m trying to grow my business I find that it requires a lot of confidence to really get it going and to stay motivated in such a saturated industry. These tips are super helpful and really simple. I really like the two about thinking confidently and removing negative thoughts. Will work on that throughout the days and hopefully it’ll become natural. Thanks for these!

    Danielle | http://www.FollowMyGut.com <3


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