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5 ways to practice mindfulness every day

by | Sep 21, 2016 | English Blog, Featured English, Latest English

Mindfulness is the amazing ability to be fully aware of what you are thinking and doing. Not only it helps you relieve stress, it also helps achieving a balance and resilience at work, become more creative and see situations more clearly.

Practicing mindfulness every day is an amazing tool to help you be more aware of who you are, what’s going on with your body and soul. It has many beautiful benefits such as improving your immune function and sleep, increases empathy and compassion, greater focus and reduces stress and anxiety!

Mindfulness is a unique way to approach life every day. It’s about being fully present. In order to achieve that, here are some very easy little things you can do on a daily basis.

1. Awareness

This is probably the most obvious one. Be aware. What does this mean? It’s pretty simple. Awareness is the ability to be conscious of what is happening. What are your thoughts, emotions, ideas, etc..

A very simple thing to do is to simply enjoy the little things. Remember last night when you had diner in 2 seconds because you were so hungry? Well, try to practice mindful eating and enjoy your meal. Eat slowly and enjoy the taste. You can do this with so many daily tasks and simply be aware of what is happening and be fully present.

2. Compassion

Compassion is a big part of mindfulness! When you start being more compassionate you will immediately feel more fulfill and start realizing that helping others brings a lot of joy into your life.

3. Gratitude

Expressing gratitude daily affects your stress level and lower your chances of getting depressed.

When was the last time you showed gratitude for a good moment?Practicing gratitude on a daily basis can be as simple as keeping a gratitude journal! It’s a very simple thing to do, but it will allow you to sit at the end of the day and think about what you are grateful for that day.

It can also be something as simple as complimenting someone!

4. Acceptance

Accept that things come and go. When you are feeling down or stressed about a situation, ask yourself if there is something you can actually do. Often, we tend to stress about situations that aren’t in our hands. Accepting that we can not control it will help us relief the accumulated stress and feel better. You’ll deal with it when the time comes but you don’t need to be anxious about something you don’t know yet.

5. Breath

The way we breath can tell a lot about how we are feeling. However, we are usually not aware of it. Taking time to actually breath and observe the way we are breathing can help you a lot.

If you are feeling stressed or anxious, take 2 minutes to breath slowly. Focus on your breathing and be aware of it. Slowly you will feel better.

This is something that you can practice daily as well. Take a few minutes every day to breath and you will slowly start to feel more calm.



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