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Well-being at work: trend or necessity?

Research has shown that work-life balance leads to high work performance, increased organizational commitment and a stronger job satisfaction. But, does having a higher perception of work-life balance means that you automatically take care of your well-being? To... read more

Why self-development starts with self-love

♥ Self love and self development are definitely two things I am passionate about. I am not going to say I am a pro at it and that I have it all together, because that is obviously far from the truth, but it is something I am always working on and aim to be better at.... read more

Morning Routine for Happy People

It took me a while to figure out my ideal morning routine. I’ve always believed in routines and I actually have a few of them. The one that has been the most consistent throughout my life is my night time routine but I knew I needed a good, consistent morning... read more
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